Coffee Conversations: Fourth of July, Business Growth, & More!!

Hey guys! Welcome to the start of a brand new series over on – Coffee Conversations! Basically just a stream of consciousness to get a little more personal over here.


Good thing I just noticed the big tuft of hair sticking out in every one of these photos…

Happy friday! This week was a fun one. The Fourth of July is my second favorite day of the year – behind Christmas – and I was so happy because I got to spend it with my family and Brady! This was my last week before my summer gets officially taken over with about at least one photoshoot a day, so I’m enjoying the shorter to-do list while I can!

Business Growth!!

I recently earned funding from an MSU company that helps student-run businesses…which also happens to be a company that I’ve interned for for the past year (HOLLAA Spartan Innovations – if you’re an MSU student who has a business idea, LOOK INTO THEM), and I’m so excited about all the opportunities that just opened up with my business now that I’m not funding everything 100% out of my own pocket.

To start out, I released some illustrated greeting cards on my Etsy. My favorites are the ones out of my Everyday Love series, “Let’s Dance Around the Kitchen” and “I Love Baking Cookies With You.” I also launched a Baby Shower one, and I have more in the works! (Everything is free shipping πŸ™‚ ) I’m also teaching myself new projects on my Cricut and basically just wishing I had more hours in the day to do ALL THE THINGS.


Fourth of July

I talked in my Life Update post about how I wanted to make more videos, and I had all the plans to do so on the 4th. However, all our activities were very water-based, so I may have failed miserably πŸ™ Either way, we snapped some quick photos I thought I would share!


(Clearly I need new poses…my arm is up in about 99% of these??)

Alright friends, I’m enlisting your help!! Our friend Karl wrote this amazing article titled “CO Antelope,” and it’s up to win an award over on Huntin’ Fool. One of his bucketlister items is to win this contest, and you can vote for him here! He’s already ahead by 37o-something %, but the contest goes through July, so get your votes in! πŸ™‚

& lastly, my amazingly generous Max is donating his kidney to a family friend on July 12th and could use all the prayers you can give!

That’s all I’ve got today!




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