10 Things I Love Tuesday

I got the inspiration for this post from Laura over on A Beautiful Mess. She has a little series where she talks about 10 things she loves every Sunday, whether it be a new jacket or something she’s added into her routine. I decided to make 2018 the year where I focus on celebrating the little things, so I thought this would be a perfect series to add into my blogging routine!

(P.S. All the items are linked! For some reason, my link color is the same as my text color, and I’ve been working on figuring it out without changing every single link on my site. I promise they’re there!)

    • To start things off, I wanted to feature a product that I can’t believe I haven’t showcased on here yet! The Garnier Micellar Water has been my go to for years! It’s the perfect product for anyone looking to simplify their beauty routine. I love it because I can use it to take off my makeup, but I can also swipe some all over my face if I’m in a pinch and don’t have time to fully wash it.
    • For Christmas, my roomie Elyse got me an oil diffuser! It’s safe to say I’m obsessed. It brings a little moisture into the dry winter air, while making my room smell like heaven. It’s perfect for winding down at the end of the day.
    • Last week, I had a day that just didn’t stop beating me up. I came back to my apartment exhausted and just feeling down. However, 5 minutes after I was in the door I was laughing and talking, and I forgot all about it. I love, love, love the beautiful and strong friendships I’m blessed to have in my life.


    • This headband from Free People! When I posted this photo on Instagram I got a lot of questions on it, so I thought I’d link it here.  I’m sooo tempted to buy the other colors.
    • I was at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago, and I found this journal. I’ve had it on my list of things I want to buy, and it was on sale, so I picked it up! It’s perfect because it’s low maintenance. It’s caused me to reflect on different aspects of my life, and really become more self-aware. I’ve been recognizing what causes me stress, and what fosters happiness.
    • Since I’ve been budgeting in 2018, I’ve started really sitting down and meal planning. It saves a ton of money, and I know exactly what I need when I go grocery shopping. Specifically, though, there are two recipes that have really been coming in handy. The first is this Breakfast Burrito recipe. It makes about 10, and you freeze them and heat them up in the morning before class! So simple, and it’s really nice to have a good hot meal in the morning.
    • The second recipe is these 4 Ingredient Energy Bites. They taste a bit like a Clif bar – but better! They take no time to make, and I can grab them when I’m on the go. I doubled the recipe so that they would last me a few weeks.
    • It’s been a recent goal of mine to fall back in love with reading. The other day, I made some time to sit down and read, and it was so nice! Would anyone be interested in a post sharing some of my favorite books recently? I’d love to share!
    • Some Instagram accounts I’ve been loving lately: Jak Kaiser, Mallory Morris, Tessa Barton, & Suzy Shattuck.
    • Another obsession of mine has just been different hair accessories. I love to take photos of different outfits for the blog, but a bunch of new clothes just isn’t in the budget. Switching up my hair and what I put in it makes old outfits feel fresh and new again. I’ve linked some of my favorites below:


& that’s that for now!



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