A Re-Introduction

Last semester, I asked a professor to critique my website and to give me some advice. The biggest things he told me were that I hide my face, and that I don’t really give a lot of information on my real life. And it’s true! It’s a bit ironic, because I spend a large chunk of my time making people comfortable in front of the camera, but the second someone points one at me, I freeze up. Getting photos for this blog post went a bit like this:



For the last few weeks, my posts have been few and far between. Since I’m home for the summer, I have lots of time and inspiration for new content. To begin, I thought I would make a short little life-update type post to let you in a little bit further, and talk about my new posts!

The last 9 months I’ve been spending in and around East Lansing, going to school at MSU! I officially declared a double major in Creative Advertising (kind of like graphic design…but a bit different), and Professional Writing. I feel so lucky, because I really think I’ve found my niche early on in my college career! In addition, I’ve also recently figured out that I’ve somehow been set up to graduate in just over 3 years…so I’m now a member of the class of 2019!

I got to take on two awesome jobs at State. The first is in the Stadium, where we work on designing online classes, and I get to do a lot of writing. The second starts in August. For that one, I get to work a lot from home, working with new businesses in shooting videos, photos, and designing graphics to help get them started. Ummm…hello?? I never want to leave.

& as for this summer, I get to travel a bit with my family, take a couple online courses, run my business, and intern for Samantha Collins!

Life isn’t slowing down too much, but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

As for this blog…

I’ve decided to take it in a slightly different direction! My posts are going to take a turn into more lifestyle posts. I have a few in that style, but the goal is to transition more into talking about the things I love to do, capturing memories, and sharing different aspects of my life.

You can expect more photos from little adventures and weekend trips. You can also expect an increase in videos!!  I’m big into making things, and want to start documenting my DIY’s and recipes. I also want to post more about experiences with photography…so keep an eye out for all these!

Thank you so much for your patience!

I’ll be posting plenty soon, so subscribe below!



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