Babycakes Muffin Co.

A list of my top three favorite things:

  • Cute coffee shops (…would anyone want to see a post on a list of my faves? No? I’ll probably do one anyways. Now time to go revisit all of them so I can get some photos…)
  • Winter break
  • Spending time with my favorite people

Last week, my boyfriend Brady and I went out to breakfast at Babycakes in Marquette, while home on Christmas break. Seriously, I have a sick obsession with chai tea lattes, and I will swear to my grave that theirs is the best. If you get the chance…TRY IT. It was the cutest little morning, and I wanted to document it. I’m so happy I have this little video and photos, and I hope you enjoy!


Babycakes Muffin Co.

Some photos



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