The Beach + My Babe

In our almost 3 years of dating, Brady and I hadn’t gotten photos done together ever…which probably wouldn’t be very weird to someone who isn’t a photographer, but I felt a bit hypocritical encouraging everyone to get their photo taken and document their love when I hadn’t done the same! Obviously I put a lot of value into the visual documentation of different pieces of my life, so when Autumn & Nick were up to shoot my brother’s wedding, I took the opportunity to get some photos done with two of my favorite photographers/people-in-general!

We went to McCarty’s Cove equipped with blankets, muffins, lemonade, vintage cameras, etc…and Autumn & Nick worked their magic! Brady and I both left talking about how much fun we had and how it was a perfect and romantic way to start the morning. We just got the photos back a few days ago, and I wanted to share some of my favorites!



& now that I’ve finally gotten our photos taken, I get to encourage you to do the same! It’s so wonderful to be able to physically look back on special times in your life and reminisce. SO. Whether it’s through myself, Autumn & Nick, or any other photographer of your choice, get your photos done! It’s SO worth the investment.

That’s all for today!




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