Blueberry Picking Adventure

Last night, my family and I decided to do some blueberry picking! I had just gotten back from my second shoot of the day, and left with my camera still strapped around my neck. I think I may have done more videography and photography than I did actually picking the blueberries but hey…I’ll stick to what I’m good at!

(Right now, the blueberries are currently in the oven being baked into a pie…sooo pretty much best day ever?)

Capturing moments is something that I really treasure, and lately I have been trying to remember them in new ways. I am in no way a professional at making videos, but I had fun editing this one. As I am leaving for college this month, I’m learning how much I want to keep close little excursions like this. I realize this is more of a personal video, but I still wanted to share with you!

Song: Corner- Allie Moss

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