Ultimate Semi-Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

I debated for a bit on whether to break down this gift guide into several separate posts, but I decided to to just go for it all in one! It’s broken down into categories for boys and girls, with each having Stocking Stuffers, DIY’s, Gifts under $50, and Gifts under $100.

I wanted to keep this pretty affordable, since the majority of my readers are people my age…AKA college students.

Enjoy! 🙂

For Girls

Stocking Stuffers

All of these products are either ones that I already have and love, or some that are on my wishlist! Stocking stuffers are my favorite gifts to get. Since they’re usually pretty little, you can get a whole bunch of fun things!


Personally, I love making DIY gifts for my loved ones. I feel like they’re that much more personal and thoughtful! I always get inspiration from others DIY’s on Pinterest, and then bounce off those! Here are some fun ideas:

  • DIY Chunky Arm Knit Blanket. This literally takes 45 minutes and is so beautiful!
  • DIY Organic Chapstick. This is super nice for an extra little something to add to your gifts! Plus it makes a million.
  • DIY Tassel Earrings. 
  • DIY Map Necklace. This is fun because it’s super dainty, but you can make it really personal! I did these a few years ago, and they were really easy. I did modify them though! I found Mod Podge Dimensional Magic at Michael’s that created a clear bubble, and I just placed the map cutout on the pendant, and used that. It turned out just the same!
  • DIY Blanket Scarf. No sew!! It’s super quick and easy, and they end up looking really professional!

Under $50

These are all really fun and perfect for anyone who’s on a budget! 

Under $100 

For Guys

Stocking Stuffers

Pajamas, Headphones, Games, + more! 


Gifts Under $50 

Gifts Under $100 

While all these things I think are good ideas, the favorite gifts I’ve ever given have been experiences! Sports games, concerts, & weekend getaways. Creating memories lasts so much longer than any gift can, and I don’t really think you can put a price on it.

That being said, I hope this gift guide gave you some inspiration!

Happy Holidays! 🙂



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