College Apartment Room Tour // 2017

For some reason, room tours are some of my favorite videos to watch on YouTube. Maybe I’m just nosy, but I love to see how people decorate – I feel like it can say a lot about a person! Plus, they can be a really good source of inspiration.

Some of the items I decorated with were DIY’s (such as the flower wall), or things I found at local art fairs. But…you can find links to all the other items, or something similar, below!

Enjoy 🙂

Room Tour

I knew that my walls this year would be either a white or a cream, which I was actually super excited about! I haven’t had a fully blank “canvas” to work with, ever. The goal was to keep things in my room light and feminine, while still being fairly minimal.

Being in college, especially in Michigan, we don’t get a whole lot of sun, which can make the winters feel pretty drab. Thankfully, I have a HUGE window that takes up the majority of one of my walls. I wanted to keep everything lighter to foster more natural light from my window, as well as make everything feel sort of fresh!


Walking into my room, I have a row of little funky pink-toned bird paintings that I picked up at a local art fair. I mounted them just with some deep brown and gold frames from the dollar store, and I love how they turned out! If I’m being honest, I staggered them because it was IMPOSSIBLE to get them straight, and I wasn’t about go buy myself a level. #college

My bedside table was actually a patio table from HomeGoods that was about $25. I couldn’t find it online, because all the stores sell different things 🙁 However, if you head over to one of their stores near you, or check out an IKEA, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something similar.

The metal Michigan Lakes decor piece above my closet is from an art fair, and the curtain covering my closet is just a shower curtain from Target!

Other than that, here are links to everything else:



Shelves & Items On Them:


  • Lamp is from Revisions Design Studio! She doesn’t have it on the site, but if you’re from Marquette, stop in and see if they’re up in the store!

What kind of decor do you have for your room? I would love to get some more inspiration!



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