Embroidered Top + 12 Things

I got the idea for this blog post from Amber Fillerup – the idea is super simple. Basically, just write 12 things! Life updates, something you’re thankful for, general thoughts, etc… So I thought I would try it.

I also wanted to show you this adorable top I picked up from TJ Maxx. It’s this mint green color, and has the prettiest embroidery. (P.S. I know, I am SO late on this trend.) I couldn’t find the exact link, but I found some similar tops that are gorgeous – check them out at the bottom of this post!

Without further ado…

Enjoy πŸ™‚



12 Things

  1. While the idea of hustling and filling every minute with productivity has its appeal, (+ is something I’ve preached about in the past) lately, I’ve been drawn to “slow living.” When looking back at the times I’ve felt most peaceful, they’re the times where I took a break to sit down with a coffee, or walked home on a sunny day instead of taking the bus. There’s a balance, which is something I’m struggling with. Right now, I’m learning how to push myself, while also taking a breath and enjoying what’s going on in the moment.
  2. I’m going home this weekend! I haven’t been since August, and I think it’s going to be a really nice break.
  3. My current obsession – American Horror Story: Roanoke. I’m the BIGGEST horror movie fan, and AHS feeds my addiction. Right now I’m only on episode 3, but I’m already hooked.
  4. I never really knew to what extent good drawing abilities were important to graphic design. So, newest goal: improve my drawing!
  5. Never fully knowing where you’re going to be living, working, or doing more than about 2 months out is the beauty + chaos of college life. I am SUCH a planner, so I’m learning to just roll with the punches.
  6. Um…where the heck is fall?? It’s October 10th and it’s 78 degrees outside with a slim chance of cooling down anytime soon. (*Note – It’s October 11th now and I spoke too soon…right now it’s 55 and raining)
  7. For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to revamp my photo business and offer some more + different services, but with the future being so unsure right now, it’s pretty difficult to pull anything together! So, I’ll keep updating this aspect of everything, and hopefully things will start to come together soon.
  8. For anyone who is interested in graphic design, this book about typography is EVERYTHING. So inspirational and informative πŸ™‚
  9. I’ve been gathering a ton of inspiration from Instagram lately. I’m super into stationary and pretty paper things. Carli, Lindsey, & Emma have some of the most gorgeous feeds!!
  10. Speaking of stationary, this planner has changed my life. Okay, a bit dramatic, but I loooove it!
  11. For class, I had to make a stop motion project for Meijer. I decided to draw graphics for it and have them move, and WOW. 70+ individual images/drawings, 5 days, and only a 20 second commercial to show for it…I’m crossing my fingers for a 4.0!!
  12. I feel like such a nerd, but lately at work I’ve been listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks on Audible. There’s something about them that feels so “fall,” and I really wanted to pick them up again! But honestly, there’s just not enough time in the day. I used to despise audiobooks, but now I love them! I feel like I’m accomplishing something while on the bus or typing up things for work.

& that’s it! Check out the pretty embroidered tops below! πŸ™‚




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