Funky Pants for Summer (+ Life Update!!)

Hello!! Long time, no post. I hate to give you the most cliché excuse in the book, but life has just been crazy lately. Between online classes, hopping from place to place, and trying to run my business as it gets into the swing of the busy season, I haven’t had much time – or inspiration, honestly – to sit down and write a blog post. However, I’ve been missing it like crazy! I have some fun ideas up my sleeve, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

To touch back on the whole ‘inspiration’ thing, it feels like I’ve been in a limbo with this blog. I’ve been trying to figure out where exactly I want to go with it, and I’m hoping you will bear with me as I find my way! As of right now, I’m thinking about balancing it between lifestyle/chatty posts and some fashion/beauty/favorites ones as well. I’ve also been considering sharing some more of my design and creative processes, and maybe a few videos sprinkled in too? Possibly a mix between talking videos, and then montages like I’ve posted in the past.

The reason I’m telling you all this is, I’m hoping you can provide me with some feedback! Let me know if there’s any content you’d be interested in/the type of content you enjoy. It would mean the world to me!

& now that that’s out of the way, I want to share with you my absolute favorite summer trend: FUNKY. PANTS. (the best part? They’re all under $50!)


**If you’re viewing on desktop, my apologies about the quality of this first set of photos! They were taken and edited on iPhone!**

Quick side story about these pants: Yesterday, I was walking to work, and I had paired them with the heeled booties in these photos. The heel of the boots got caught in a little divet in the sidewalk, & I proceeded to FALL, sprawled out on the ground, and my brand new pants RIPPED open at the knee and got stains allll over them. I’M SO SAD. Is it bad I care more about the pants than my injured knee? P.S. I picked these up for $40 at Zara! It’s slowly but surely becoming my new favorite store.


I bought these pants a couple weeks ago from American Eagle, and I’ve been obsessing over them! They’re incredibly comfortable, and they spice up any outfit.

I’ve put together a little widget containing alllll the funky pants on my wishlist right now. If you purchase any of your own, I’d love to see the photos! 




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