How to Spend 48 Hours in Grand Rapids

With midterms finishing up and the semester burnout starting to kick in, last weekend seemed like the best time to escape with Brady for a couple of days. Grand Rapids was the perfect choice – we had tickets to all it’s different museums, and we were long overdue for a visit with my Grandma and our friend Troy.

We had a blast! I left the weekend feeling refreshed, more in love, and ready to come back soon. I thought that I would share with you some of the things we did and places we ate!

(Keep in mind, this is being written through the lens of a below 21 year old college student on a budget – I know there are some awesome breweries as well for those of age!)

Places to Eat

  • Downtown Market Grand Rapids! I don’t have any photos of the market itself, but I snapped this one of Troy! It was so wonderful there. If you’ve never been, it’s basically a 24 hour farmers market-style hub for some really great food. We ended up stopping at the Thai place, and finishing off with a Fridgie cake – it was so amazing.


  • Field and Fire Cafe. FRIENDS. This was SO. GOOD. We ended up going here on a whim – I spotted it while driving by and we decided to give it a try. The food was so yummy, and we topped it off with some macarons.
  • Founder’s Brewery. No matter what, my dad has to stop in here when we visit GR. Brady and I didn’t have a chance to go this time, but I thought I would include it since it’s such a staple.

Places to Visit

  • Frederick Meijer Gardens! If you Google what to do in Grand Rapids, this will probably be the first result – but for good reason! We spent the good majority of our day here on Saturday – they have indoor gardens, a massive sculpture park, and more. One of my favorite parts was just simply walking by the water – I miss Lake Superior ๐Ÿ™ Check out some photos below!


  • Gerald R. Ford Museum. I’ve always been into history, but this museum was totally Brady’s cup of tea. There was so much to explore, and I learned a ton that I didn’t know before!


  • Honestly, just walk around downtown! It’s so super cute. Brady and I grabbed some coffee on Sunday and stopped by some little stores, and it was the perfect way to spend our morning.

Where to Stay

We stayed in this AirBnB, and had a great experience. James was kind and welcoming, and since we had the whole lower level, it still felt private. We would absolutely stay there again!

Other than that, it was just really nice to be together. We visited my cute little grandma – look at her!


We still have some tickets to the other attractions, so it looks like we’ll be back again soon!

(I’d like to thank Experience Grand Rapids for providing us with tickets to various events/museums. We had a blast, and as always, all opinions are my own!)


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