Hey There, September! + My New Room

Hey there, September!

Hiiii little blog…long time, no write! I thought I would have more time for posts over the summer but I was missing two very important things. 1 – TIME. Running my business was absolutely a full-time job this summer…and then some. I wouldn’t change it for the world, though! I’m already planning some new and exciting changes for Gemma Darr Creative Co., and I can’t wait to keep you updated. P.S. – if anyone knows of people in or around Lansing needing photos, I would love you forever if you recommended me! It’s super hard to establish yourself as a photographer in a city where you only know college students…plus there may be a referral discount in it for youuuu. & 2- my wonderful and VERY patient boyfriend, who helps me shoot the majority of my blog photos.

Now I have one of those things in my somewhat near(er) vicinity…hiiii Brady! I have an easier time blogging when I’ve got a routine going, so being back at school will hopefully help this little guy thrive!

I think I’ll make a whole separate post sharing the goals I’ve recently created for myself- those seem to go over super well! Other than that, I’ve been working hard at a few new campaigns that I will share soon:)

My New Room (So Far)

One of my most popular posts from last year was my college apartment tour! I moved into a different apartment that is completely unfurnished, so while there are a couple repeat items, I have some new stuff to share with you as well! I’ll link everything below the photos if you’re curious. Everything is super affordable because….college.

I do have a desk coming in, linked here, but I’m not sure where that will go yet. My logo is in process currently, but once it’s done, I want to embroider it into a hoop and add that somewhere, too. Other than that, I’d say it’s mostly done!



Wall Decor

Floating Triangle Shelves (Similar) | Hat (Similar) | Illustration Frame | Atmospheric Pressure Wall Hanging – Out of Stock 🙁 | Circle Mirror | Flower Wall DIY | Hanging Plant Pot (Similar) | Polaroid Collage Frame (VERY similar)




Mattress (Suprisingly SO GOOD and pretty cheap as far as mattresses go!) | Bed Frame | Sheets are from Target, but I got them a while ago and they don’t have them anymore | Pink Pillow (Similar) | Comforter Set (Somewhat similar…I like this one better than the one I have) | Pink Knit Blanket (Similar)



Bedside Table

Lamp was from Revisions in Marquette! | Journal | Woodwick Candle | Plant Basket



Dresser Decor

I get most of my plant pots from various boutiques, so I don’t have those links! | Mini illustration frame | Letterboard | Salt Lamp | Plant Spritzer | Gray & White baskets | White Home Vase

That’s all I’ve got! Also – would anyone be interested in a plant tour? I would love to do one!




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