Hi There, 2018

Happy New Year! This post is coming a couple days late, but I figured I would still share. It’s always a good time to reflect and set some new goals for yourself, even if it isn’t on the 1st.

I took a few days off to spend time with my family, but I’ve got lots of new content in store for the new year!

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Reflecting on a whole 365 days is a bit tricky. It’s a really long period of time, and it feels unnatural to group an entire year into one specific category. For me, this year has been divided into 2 distinct halves. The first was finishing up my freshman year of college. I grew and changed more than I thought possible. The second was the summertime, and starting my second year of school.

I learned a lot in 2017. In the first half, I was overwhelmed by the opportunities that I stumbled upon. I never really practiced saying no – so I finished out my freshman year with a job, an internship, two majors, several e-board positions for various clubs, and plans to graduate a year early. My main focus was working hard and never letting up.

In the second half, I took a step back. A mixture of personal issues and falling asleep whenever I had five minutes of free time made me realize that while working hard is important, taking care of yourself takes precedence…always.

My goal always is to continue to grow and improve. Going into 2018, I want to focus on something that goes against every grain in my Type-A body: being okay with saying no.

I’m super excited for 2018! While I couldn’t pass up making some new goals, I wanted to be careful in adding extra things to my routine. Instead, I’m choosing to focus on some goals I’d like to accomplish by 2019, rather than adding a bunch of extra stuff I want to do every day. Does that make sense?

New Years’ Resolutions

  1. This year, I have one major challenge that I’m determined to tackle. The biggest skills I want to develop in 2018 are my design skills. I want to design 1 thing every single day – whether it’s a simple sketch on my iPad, or a logo for my internship. Practice, practice, practice!
  2. At least once, I want to travel solo. Not this summer, but next, I’ve had plans for years to travel and backpack around Europe for a few weeks. This year, I want to hop on a plane and go somewhere for a few days. I feel like it would be a necessary learning experience, and something I’ve always wanted to before I’m 20. Going somewhere smaller (i.e. in the U.S.) would help better prepare me for what I need to learn for my Europe trip.
  3. By 2019, I want to have run a half marathon. I’ve had a variety of shin splints, muscle pulls, and broken ankles that have prevented me from reaching this goal in the past, but I’m determined. I’m on a really slow and steady program, and so far so good!
  4. Disconnect more! Everything on the Internet will be there when I get back. I downloaded the app Moment to help with this, and it really opened my eyes to how and where I’m spending time on my phone.
  5. I want to retrain myself to start single-tasking. Putting focus into one thing at a time is so important for many reasons, and I want to do that more.
  6. I also want to better with spending my money! In 2018, I want to eliminate impulsive spending from my life.
  7. Last year, I made a post on my resolutions. (Linked here!) I wrote about how I wanted to establish my brand as more than photography, which I think I was successful in starting that! This year, I want to better define my skills, and change my branding to represent them.
  8. & lastly, I want to spend my free time relaxing guilt-free. This isn’t very easy for me. Even when I’m in front of the TV, I want to pull my laptop out and work on something. I have a hard time just letting go and being in the moment. It’s so important though, and I’m definitely working on it!

What are some of your goals for 2018? I’d love to hear them!



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