The Importance of Winding Down

If you read my posts regularly, then by now you know how big an advocate I am for getting things done ahead of time, and really just kind of taking what life gives you and working with it. And while I believe all of that is important, I am equally as firm a believer in taking time for yourself to wind down and avoid burnout. When you feel like you’re constantly working all the time (and this can pertain to homework as well), the things you’re doing get less and less productive. (This goes along the lines of a post a did a while back on making “Living Your Best Life“)

Winding down can truly be just as important as working hard. For me, I try and give myself 20 minutes to an hour at the end of the day to take care of myself and relieve some stress.

Managing Time

If you’re only going to instill one of these tips, I think this is the most important. I know myself, and I know that I don’t work well at night. If I absolutely have to, I will, but I do my best in the morning and early afternoon. At the beginning of the week I look at my calendar to see what I have going on, and then delegate tasks to each day to make sure I get everything done. By spreading things out over the week, I can get my work done in between and after classes, and try not to have anything left after 8pm. Then I have a few hours to spend time with friends and get things done for myself.


Trust me, it can wait! Try picking up a book or just lay down for a minute. Everything will be there again when you get back. Unplugging helps wind down your mind and eyes. Also, unplug when you’re doing your actual work (except for your computer, or whatever you use). You’ll get it done faster, and you’ll be able to relax sooner.


This may seem counterintuitive, but at least for me, when I head over to a friend’s room down the hall (college LIFE), it gets my mind off things and I’m able to focus on just being present.

Pamper Yourself

I’m working on this one, but the goal is to- At the end of each day, take a good 20 minutes to remove my makeup, wash and moisturize my face, brush my teeth, and just relax before I lay down for bed. What ends up happening is I climb into bed with my mascara on, watch some TV, and then I wake up with dry eyes and REGRETS.

I do now have a job where I am employed by somebody else, but I still work for myself in addition. Working for myself has taught me so much about balance. Yes- work hard. But sleep! & make time for family. Before I set hours and limits for myself, I would over schedule myself and then spend all of my free time editing. (I’m still a bit guilty of this during the busy season.)

The point is- you know yourself. Work hard, but don’t work so much that you never see anyone other than your computer screen. And relax. But not so much that you never see anyone other than your computer screen- scrolling or watching Netflix. B A L A N C E.

This was a lot of ramble, but I hope it helped.



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