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I love firsts. The New Year, Sundays, trying new foods, adventures, etc… That’s why I love the start of a new month! It’s an excuse for a fresh beginning, and a marker for changes in your life, if you choose to make any. I’m taking this first of this month to set some new goals and really get inspired!

Lately, it feels like I’ve had a million thoughts, ideas, and to-do lists running through my head. With summer classes now over, I can shift my focus towards creating and doing some things for me. I wanted to create a sort-of hub, containing photos that inspire me, and things to help me focus going into July.

Basically, this post is a moodboard/place to write down some of my thoughts and goals so I can have something to look back on!

July Moodboard



If you’re not sure what a moodboard is, it can really be a lot of things. It can be a collection of quotes you’re loving, colors you want in your home, or what I have above. It can be a Pinterest board, paper collage, or even a photo album. I created this moodboard while thinking about the things I want to foster in my life.

This color scheme is something I’ve really been liking, and one that I want to bring into my new apartment. Since I really struggled with it in June, I included some photos of downtime and comfy cozy places. Setting aside intentional downtime is SO important to avoid burnout and keeping your sanity, especially when working from home.

July is a fun month, because I get to start it out with my family and friends relaxing and enjoying their company. I included some photos to help remind myself what’s important.

The quote is something that’s been bouncing in my head lately. I want to invest my time into things I love and wish to create, and spend less time on things that are making me unhappy. I have the choice to bring into my life what I want.

The other photos are just ones that are visually appealing to me! I’m a super visual person, so seeing things like these help to inspire my creativity when I’m in a rut.

I would totally recommend making a moodboard, especially if you’re feeling uninspired! For one, it’s a creative outlet that we don’t normally utilize. It gives you time to reflect and think about what you want in your life, and really is something that’s just for you!

July Goals

  1. Eat healthier! I LOVE CARBS. But I need to show some more love to fruits and veggies as well.
  2. Be present. Lately, I’ve been finding myself thinking about what’s next on my list, instead of slowing down and living where I am.
  3. Set hours for myself. I work primarily from home, and with an even busier schedule coming up, I need to know when to shut it off.

I would love to hear any of your goals for the upcoming month! Getting comments makes me so happy!

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