Los Angeles iPhone Photo Roundup

This past week, I went with 20 other students in my college for a trip to Los Angeles. I had randomly decided to apply in January, and was so excited when I got accepted! We spent the week touring amazing studios (including NFL, Fox, and Warner Brothers) and advertising agencies (Deutsch, Allied, etc…)!

I’ve been to LA before, and I had decided that while it was fun to visit, it wasn’t really for me. I went in with the idea that we would have some good networking opportunities, but that’s about it. However, I got so much more out of it than I had thought! I fell in love with it there, and it’s a real option for me now.

Since our schedule was jam-packed with all kinds of things, I decided not to bring my camera. I would have only been able to take it on my down-time, and we didn’t have very much of it. However, I did snap a bunch of photos with my phone, and I thought I would share! Fair warning: Friends set ahead…

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Most importantly, I lost my In-n-Out virginity. SO. GOOD.


Some travel essentials.


Our first night there, we spontaneously decided to go to this little comedy show. The sun was setting right behind everything, and it was absolutely gorgeous.


We visited the Staples Center and made a little Sushi stop.


The set of Warner Brothers was so COOL. Pictured below: Stars Hollow Gazebo from Gilmore Girls, Full House set, Central Perk from Friends, stack of scripts from Shameless, costumes from PLL, Harry Potter’s broom, claymation dolls from the Nightmare Before Christmas, and the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story. I think it’s safe to say I was FREAKING OUT. We also were there when Ellen was taping!


There were so many cute little quotes and paintings all over the buildings. I could have spent the whole week photographing all the artwork and I still wouldn’t have gotten it all!


ALSO. So many pretty flowers!


We went and visited Fox Studios as well, and they had the coolest murals! I also walked on the set of How I Met Your Mother so it was pretty much the best day ever?


Lastly, there was this smoothie bowl place called Backyard Bowls about a block down from the hotel, and I was obsessed. The prices were actually super reasonable, and we ended up getting some a few of the days we were there.


Some of my favorite things that I didn’t get a chance to photograph:

  • We stayed at the Freehand Hotel and it was fantastic! It’s half hotel and half-really-nice hostel and the price was fab. It’s right in downtown LA and I would totally recommend.
  • Visiting Deutsch LA. I fell in LOVE with this place. It’s an advertising agency responsible for so many spots that I love!
  • We sat in on a live taping at the NFL and it was a really cool experience!
  • Honestly, there was a Whole Foods across the street and I tried it for the first time. Is it dramatic to say it was life changing? Yes? Okay well, I loved it!
  • Shopping at the Grove! I’ve heard so much about it, so I was super excited when we went.
  • & lastly, sitting on the players bench at the Staples Center!

I’m already thinking of ways I can make my way back!



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