Marquette Summer Portraits // Julia Janowski



Since I moved to Marquette in the 7th grade, I’ve known Julia. She has an amazing singing voice, and over the years of attending various youth groups and organizations, we’ve gotten to know each other. She is SUCH a beautiful soul and when she asked me to take her photos, I was so excited!
These pictures were special for a specific reason. Just about a year ago exactly, Julia underwent a pretty extensive jaw surgery that changed her smile a bit. Julia had her senior photos taken pre-surgery, and wanted portraits done now to sort of “update” and show off her new look!
Her mom and little sister came along, and we had a great time! I was able to snap a few photos of Julia and her mom together, and one of her little sister Emily while Julia was in the car changing. We bonded over TJ Maxx, our NEED for ice cream on the 80+ degree day after the shoot was finished, and how we couldn’t wait to be classmates next year at Michigan State! I am really pleased with how these photos turned out and I am so glad Julia chose me to capture her new smile.

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