Marquette, MI Weekend – Hayes Corn Maze


This past weekend, I finally went home after two months of being at school! I cannot tell you how refreshing it was. We hit the U.P. just in time, because the fall colors were at their peak. On Saturday, I had a photo hike up Sugarloaf mountain for an engagement shoot, and I’m so eager to share the photos with you! Keep an eye out in my upcoming posts.

I arrived home from my hike, and my parents, sister Kateri, and my cousin Christina all decided to go Hayes Corn Maze. I have been trying to go for the past three years, and every time something always gets in the way!! We left with muddy boots and a full memory card on my camera. I took a ton of photos, and put together this quick video of my weekend! Check them out below:



Can we talk about how cute my family is? I miss them so much when I’m away!

An Unattractive Photo Series of Our Demise



I attempted jumping on Kateri’s back for a photo, and we both ended up in the mud about 5 seconds later…

Some more photos from the maze:



Once we finished (more or less…we got 5 out of the 6 stations before we ended up giving up! When we looked at my dad’s GPS later, it showed us we kept walking back and forth in the same places and completely missed a whole section…whoops), we went on the Hay Ride over to the Pumpkin Patch. They had horses, an apple slingshot, and a TON of pumpkins. It was so charming!



I’m so thankful I was able to come home this past weekend. Still, I’m blown away by the opportunities I have at school, but nothing compares to the U.P., especially during fall.

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-Gemma Darr

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