A Very Merry Christmas

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I love hearing about people’s Christmas traditions. My family has a solid few- every Christmas Eve, we go to church. When we get home, there are always a pair of pajamas waiting under the tree for each of us, as well as some sort of game for us to play that night. We have appetizers, and spend the evening with each other. In terms of Christmas morning, we like to drag it out as long as possible. We open some gifts, eat breakfast, hang out, and open more. I wouldn’t trade our traditions for anything!

I took a few photos of our Christmas Eve/Day this year, and I thought I would share! Enjoy!


Christmas Eve

I started out my Christmas Eve by heading over to my boyfriend’s to exchange gifts. We made breakfast and had a great morning! I spent the rest of the day with my family, and then we had our normal Christmas Eve night.



Christmas Day



I hope your Holiday season was just as great as mine. ♥



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