Minimalism- A Series

This post is going to be a little bit different, because it’s about something that I haven’t tried. My posts have been a little bit few and far between, and my best excuse for that is…new semester! I’ve been super busy adjusting to a much more vigorous schedule, but I should be back to a regular posting routine with new and improved quality content soon.

With that disclaimer out of the way…


What is it?

According to, it is “a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.”

Basically, minimalism is getting rid of the excess in your life, so that you can use your resources for the things that are truly important. Instead of spending your time cleaning, you can spend it with your loved ones. Instead of spending your money on things you don’t need, you can save it for traveling, or investing in quality pieces that will last you a long time.

This doesn’t mean that you have to sell everything you own and live in tent!! It’s the idea that living with less can ultimately give you more. And it’s something I’m interested in trying.

I’ve actually been interested in the topic for a few months…which goes to show you how much of a procrastinator I can be at some things! Minimalism is a lifestyle, however, so I’ve been spending my time researching it to see if it was even something that really appealed to me. I want to give you the resources I’ve been using in case you’re interested! That way you can really and truly learn about the topic from people who have been at it for years.

Some Resources

  1. The Minimalism Documentary. If you have Netflix, you’re good to go! It’s super informative, and you can really see the joy that having less can give.
  2. The KonMari Method. This is a book that illustrates just how to start minimalism, and how to keep at it once and for all. There’s a certain method to getting rid of your things that will contain the joy in your life, and declutter anything negative. If you’re really interested in getting started on minimalism, this is a great resource.
  3. Lavendaire. Aileen is a YouTuber, actually! Her videos are super calming, and after hearing her thoughts on minimalism, I always feel recharged and inspired. I would just recommend browsing blogs and other YouTube channels to get a feel for the movement.

The goal is to start a series. I have no idea if I will even stick with it, but I thought it might be fun to take you along a journey…who knows how big or small it might be! SO. This is the beginning- getting the idea out there. I am thinking I will do a couple more posts showing the decluttering of my physical possessions, and possibly some followups to give you an update on what it has or has not changed in my life. In the meantime, it’s a really interesting topic to research. I totally encourage you to at least watch the documentary or read the book I linked above!



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