My New Favorite Bag + Current Playlist

Okay,  before we get started – I have something super important to talk to you about…THE NEW SEASON OF STRANGER THINGS. It came out on the 27th, so obviously I’ve already finished it??  Guys. It was SO good.

I wish I could talk about it more, but I don’t want to spoil it! If you’ve already watched it and loved it as much as I do, pls hit me up so we can be best friends.


On another note, I wanted to share with you some of the songs I’ve been waaay overplaying recently, just because!

  • Ship to Wreck – Florence + the Machine
  • Bedford Falls – Ford.
  • You’re Somebody Else – Flora Cash
  • All Too Well – Taylor Swift (This will always be a go-to fall song ok)
  • Peaches – In the Valley Below
  • Cringe – Matt Maeson
  • anemone – slenderbodies
  • Bad Blood – NAO
  • River – Bishop Briggs
  • Evil Twin – Krrum

The second Halloween’s over, it’s Christmas songs from here on out.

Denim + My Pretty Red Bag

Like I’ve said in the past couple of blog posts, a few weekends ago I went home for a visit! While I was there, Sam and I snapped a few photos. The fall colors were just so perfect, how could we not? (P.S. Please acknowledge the fact that Sam is an actual model, thank you.)
I’m such a neutrals girl, but all throughout the summer I was eyeing up this one beautiful red bag from TJ Maxx. It was pretty pricey though, so I couldn’t really justify it!
A couple weeks ago, I was on the ThredUP website, and I found this bag, brand new, for ~$20. Since it’s similar to an online consignment store, there was only one 🙁 BUT. I do have some links to other bags from their website here, as well as some choices below that are pretty similar! (Also! if you do find one you like on the ThredUP website, use the code GEMMA! for 50% off your entire order.)
I decided to pair it with some black jeans and boots to keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple. For outerwear, I wore this beautiful hand-painted denim jacket that Tatum Ledy made for me – she’s seriously a goddess! I linked some similar denim jackets below. You can find some cool designs on Pinterest and really make it your own 🙂
*Note: Some of the items featured in this post were sent to me. This is not sponsored! All opinions are my own. 

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