Reflecting & Refreshing: Tools for 2019

For my New Years’ posts this year, I’m breaking them up into a little series. If you haven’t guessed already from some of my previous posts, I’m a huuuuge planner. 2019 is about to be a pretty crazy year for me – graduation, backpacking in Europe, and jumping into Gemma Darr Creative Co. full time! For that reason, I’m making it a priority over the next couple days to research, plan, and dream up some things for the upcoming year.

So welcome to the first post in my series! Today I’m going over some tools that are helping me plan & dream for the New Year…Hopefully they’ll be useful to you as well!



I’ve learned through experience that reflection, to me,ย has been the most important step in this whole process.

Last night, I sat down and broke the year down into bits that made sense to me. Since I’m currently in school, I can easily break everything up into semesters and the spaces I’m living in. Just in 2018, I’ve lived in three different places – my old apartment, back to my parents house, and then into my current apartment.

I wrote down how I was feeling in those seasons of my life, what I was doing, what I wouldn’t mind bringing back, and what I don’t want to re-encounter in this new season of life.

I also reflected back on my old New Years resolutions. (If you want to take a peek at them, I’ve posted about them on this blog over the past two years! These were my 2017 resolutions, and these were my 2018 resolutions.ย )

Spoiler alert: I really only it about half of my 2018 resolutions…which brings me into the next bit of this post!

Tools for Planning 2019

An entire year is a HUGE chunk of time. While I was looking back on my past resolutions, the half I didn’t complete just aren’t a big priority to the person I am now. Since last year I’ve grown, learned new things, and as a result, my priority list has switched itself around. Thank goodness! I always want to be evolving and improving upon myself – it would be pretty boring if I was the exact same person I was last year.

Because of this, I’m taking a different approach to planning out my New Year. I’ll be doing a general overview, but really breaking everything into 12 week chunks. This has been proven to be more motivating – the end is much closer in sight. (Think, 90 days versus 365!) I could go super into depth with this, but I got pretty much all of my information and inspirations for 2019 from the youtuber @muchelleb. I think it will be much more effective for you to just watch her videos (usually around 5 minutes each) and get the info right from the source. I’ll be linking my favorite videos of her 2019 series below ๐Ÿ™‚

I know it looks like a whole lot of information, but I personally found it really useful! She has others in this series as well, but the above videos are the ones I found most useful for myself.

That’s all I have for today! I’ll have a couple posts going up in the next few days that go over how I’m utilizing these tools, how I’m planning for 2019, and my own personal goals and resolutions!







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