Secret Cove Cliff Jumping // 8-13-16

Over this past weekend, my cousins took their annual summer road trip up to Marquette. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite weekends every summer!
This time was a bit different for me. In the past, the days are usually filled with sunshine and hikes and all kinds of adventures! Unfortunately, I was so booked up the past few days I had a hard time finding time to get out and do all the things we normally do.
Saturday morning ended up being super rainy, which resulted in a rescheduling of my engagement shoot. I had just gotten my boot off the day before (FINALLY), so we decided to take a hike out near this cove my mom and her friends knew about, and I was super grateful for the rain that day because I was able to take a much needed break and spend time with my cousins!
This video is totally not my best work, but I want to share other aspects of my creativity on this website, and that includes just personal and fun videos I make for the memories. Hope you enjoy!

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