Self Doubt & Comparison…Getting Real




I’m gonna be totally honest here…the self-doubt struggle lately has been TOO REAL lately. It’s the thoughts that I’m not doing enough, that what I am doing isn’t good enough, and that the person next to me is way further on their journey than I am.

And it totally sucks.

When I really sit down to think about it, this whole problem begins with comparison. When I’m working by myself and creating content without looking at others, I feel proud of my work. Really, the times that I feel most insecure are when I pit myself up in some kind of non-existent competitions against others who are on similar paths. When I’m shooting photos organically, and not looking at others for comparison, I love how they turn out. It’s the moment when I take those photos, and put them up against someone else’s that I start to feel like they aren’t good enough.

There’s a quote I found a while back that fits this situation perfectly. “Other’s successes do not equal your own failures.” Just because someone else is doing well in their job or landed an awesome opportunity, it doesn’t take away from anything that you’re doing and achieving. They’re on their path, and you’re on yours. & awesome for them for working hard and getting recognized for it!

I guess the reason I’m writing this is to remind myself of this truth. Today is the first day of December, which means it’s a little bit of a new start! Going into this month, I’m challenging myself to do better. If I have to compare myself to anyone, it’s going to be the to person I was four months ago. Because I’ve come a long way from then, and I’m looking forward to the person I’ll be four months from today.



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