Snow Day +…I’m Rebranding!?

Yesterday my siblings had a snow day, which basically means that it was the best day ever?? I love being home, but all my friends are still taking exams, so they haven’t been able to hangout much!

My sister Kateri and I got new pajamas a couple nights ago, so obviously we had to wear them all day. They’re from Target and on sale for $10! It was such a good deal, I couldn’t pass it up! I’ll link them here. (The sale only lasts for 3 more days, so snatch them up now!)

We spent the day taking photos, baking, and watching Christmas movies! Even though it wasn’t my snow day, it made me think of all the ones I had back in high school.



I’m Rebranding

The original purpose for this website was for it to be a portfolio site. The blog section was here to showcase full sessions I did for my photography & to help me promote my services!

About a year and a half ago, I posted a personal blog post on a whim. (Linked here!)

I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot out of it, but it ended up performing really well! Like…better than any of my other posts at the time. It performed so well that Facebook ended up paying me to promote it for two weeks.

Currently, I’m studying two majors: Creative Advertising and Professional Writing. For those who don’t know, Creative Advertising is the whole visual side of advertising. That means I utilize design, photo, video, and work on the actual campaigns! I really love it. Professional Writing is kind of exactly how it sounds. It isn’t writing novels, but rather, a way to build writing skills in any sort of way, whether it be technical writing, script or creative writing, writing for user experience, etc…

When my post did so well, I wanted to try out blogging some more. & I found that blogging is an amazing way to tie in all of the things I love out of both of my majors! I get to do web design, curate content, and plan shoots. & then I get to write all about it!

My point is that my purposes have changed significantly since I started on this little website. Now it’s time for my actual site to change as well!

A lot of the rebranding I’m doing is more on the back end of things. The part that’s most exciting is that I’m changing up the whole look of my website. All of the content and everything will still be here, but the surface is getting a makeover. I can’t wait!

My site will be down for a few days in the upcoming week, but when it’s back, it will be better than ever!

Looking forward to this new adventure ๐Ÿ™‚



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