Starry Eyed + Custom Illustrations

Real quick before we start…I want to do a little shameless plug for my custom illustrations!

They’re starting to pick up quite a bit, so I would recommend getting your orders in before the turnaround time needs to be extended! They’re some of my favorite things to do, and every time I get a new order, my heart feels so freaking full.

If you’re not quite sure what exactly they are, basically, they’re commissioned illustrations of you or your loved ones. You can check out more details over on my shop page – linked here!

Sidenote: For the past couple weeks,ย I was feeling distracted and overwhelmed…and then stressed about being distracted and overwhelmed. However!! I’ve been working on single-tasking more, and it’s been a game changer. The concept is super simple – just do one thing at a time. (There’s more to it than that, but that’s the basis!) Turn off your music or Netflix while you’re studying. Eat your dinner, and only eat your dinner. & guys!! I didn’t realize how often I was turning on music, Netflix, and other distractions. I’ve been feeling much more at peace, and I’ve actually been getting my stuff done quicker.

Would anyone be interested in an entire post on this? Let me know!

Starry Eyed

These photos were so fun to shoot! I was getting sick of dressing up in clothes and taking photos of them, and I wanted to get back to the roots of why I started shooting in the first place. I love photography. It makes me so happy to imagine something in my head, and then make it happen in person. Plus, Hannah cut out all of these stars and moons individually, so obviously we had to document them!


Are you guys sick of this white turtleneck yet?

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