Summer iPhone Photo Round-Up

School has officially started for me, as of today! I’m back downstate and in the swing of things, but I can’t help thinking about what a seriously great summer it was! There’s something about leaving your hometown for a while that makes you appreciate it so much more.

Today, I thought I would share with you some photos I took on my phone that never made it onto social media! I really like to share pictures from my camera, so the photos on my phone kind of just sit there in my camera roll. Even though they all aren’t perfect, they’re memories, which is the reason I like to take photos in the first place.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Summer 2017

This summer, I was able to go on a few different little trips. Thank GOODNESS for my job + making my own schedule. I get to be there for the important moments, and then hustle during the regular days.

Some of my favorite trips were the two times I went to Mackinac Island – the first for photos of one of my absolute favorite families, and the second for a different type of photoshoot: my brother getting engaged! My family also got to camp in Mackinaw City for the week with some really great friends. I camped with some friends from MSU for a few nights downstate, and got to explore a gorgeous Lavender Farm. I also went to Summerfest and saw some bucket-list artists – Brady and I were able to somehow score FREE tickets to Paul Simon and P!nk. Ummm???

Chicago was amazing as well. Brady and stayed there for four nights and saw the Cubs and Shawn Mendes. No lie, we literally did this for more or less $300. I can make a whole other post on how we saved so much money on this trip, because it really wasn’t hard! Let me know if you want it πŸ™‚

While all the little trips were such highlights of the summer, being home was really great. Even just little things were memorable, like picnics on the beach or long hikes. Check out the photos below! (I may have also snuck in a couple DSLR photos that never made it online..)



This Lavender farm was gorgeous! There was a super loud hum the whole time from the bees in their literal heaven. If you have a Lavender farm near you, go check it out!



Another highlight of my summer was working on all these fun projects with Samantha. πŸ™‚



I thought this behind the scenes was super cool! Mackinac will always be one of my favorite places.



Chicago, I love you. There’s nothing else to say.



Summer 2017, you were too good to me.



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