Thanksgiving Polaroids & Cyber Monday 2017 Deals!

It’s officially that time in the semester – crunch time. Today is the start of the last two weeks of my semester before Christmas break! I have projects on top of projects, but before I get started in on those, I wanted to stop by and share some memories I made this past weekend. 🙂

I thought I would do something a bit different & document this trip in polaroids! (This is the camera I have & it’s totally on sale for less than $50!!! You can get film here– also on sale!) Brady and I left from downstate on Tuesday, so we had four whole days at home before heading back yesterday.

Also, stay tuned for some of my Cyber Monday picks! I’ll link them below the photos.

Enjoy! 🙂

Thanksgiving Break

Even though it was break, I still had some work to do. The biggest thing was to film a commercial for one of my advertising classes. Thank GOODNESS I have the best friends in the whole wide world who helped me film for 4 hours in the morning. We made quite a mess, so naturally I took photos of it:



Every year, my grandma comes to visit for Thanksgiving. Isn’t she the cutest??



My family has this awful tradition of telling each other why we’re thankful for each other at the dinner table. It sounds sweet, but everyone ends up a teary-eyed mess! I made sure to document everything BEFORE that, because an after photo would have been a disaster.



Since I’ve been away at school, Marquette has sprouted a few new coffee shops! Obviously I had to do some chai latte taste testing…



I missed this guy! Counting down the days until we’ll be in the same town again for Christmas break!



Overall, break was relaxing and much-needed. I do have a couple posts going up this week and next, but expect a lot more in the coming weeks! I have a whole month off in between semesters, so I’ll have tons of time to get some more posts up.

& without further ado…my Cyber Monday Picks!

Cyber Monday

Urban Outfitters

Urban’s Black Friday sale was better, but today they do have $15 off $75, and $50 off $150!



American Eagle

American Eagle has an awesome sale – $25 for all sweaters, and 40% off everything else! All the denim I wear is from them, and they rarely have sales this good!

Target is having a 15% off all online purchases today! I looove Target, and included some of my favorite things from their site below! I like them because they’re cheap, but the quality is still pretty freaking good!

Did you get anything cool for Cyber Monday or Black Friday? I LOVE hearing about what other people buy! If you’re feeling it, comment and let me know!!

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