Vacation Style Essentials

This week, Brady and I are on our last little vacation of the summer. We are spending four days in Chicago, exploring and seeing the Cubs and Shawn Mendes. We’re super excited!!

I wanted to make a post highlighting some of the items that I cannot go without while I’m traveling in the summer! I love “What’s in my Bag” style posts, so I thought I would create my own spin on one.

Vacation Style Essentials



1.) Good walking shoes!! Especially since we’re roaming around all day in the city – I’m not about blisters! I personally use some pink slip-ons from Target, and you can find similar ones here.

2.) When we’re shopping, I want to be as hands-free as possible. That’s where my cross body bag comes in! The one I use is from TJ Maxx (Michael Kors), and here is a similar one!

3.) No lie, my rain jacket is the best purchase I have made, EVER. I bring it with me wherever I go! Link here.

4.) Two word: Gel. Nails. I actually talked about this specific color in my June Favorites! Having nails that last and don’t chip is just really nice. Less time touching up nails = more time exploring!

5.) Filtered Water Bottles! I’ve been so lucky to grow up with really good water – not everywhere has that. I like to bring a filtered bottle so I’m not wasting a million plastic ones, and I can fill it up pretty much anywhere!

6.) Rompers! This one is actually on a super amazing SALE right now, so you should probably snatch it up! I can’t think of a better piece for vacation: versatile, and looks put together when you’re really not doing a thing.

7.) When in the city, it’s so fun to dress up a little and go out at night! It’s such a different vibe from home. I always pack a nicer pair of sandals to match any night looks.

What are some of your vacation style essentials? I would love to hear about them in the comments!

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