Visiting Florida

Hello!! I have been SO beyond M.I.A. on here, but I’m back and I’ve got a lot of posts planned for the upcoming weeks!

A quick disclaimer as to why I’ve been gone- Midterms :(( They were going on for me the past couple weeks, so I chose to take a break and focus on studying… & then Spring Break rolled around. Honestly, my laptop was the last thing I wanted to see…hence the monthlong hiatus. But over this time I’ve been planning out a lot of new content, so keep an eye out!

ANYWAYS…speaking of Spring Break, I thought I would share some of my vacation photos with you!

I went to Daytona Beach in Florida with Brady and his mom. The number one thing (and only thing) on our to-do list was just to relax. It was SO. NICE. As much as I love traveling and exploring around, it was awesome to be in a new place with no obligations at all.

We were staying in a condo right by the ocean, and it was amazing to wake up to warm weather and the sound of waves. I miss that sound more than anything being away from Lake Superior!

Check out the photos below:



At the end of our trip, we went to Universal. Seeing Harry Potter World has been on the bucket list since the day it came out, so I was over the moon. I included some iPhone shots below:



Hope you enjoyed!



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