Welcoming Fall // Gemma Darr


The other week, my suite mate Jamie and I found some time in between classes to explore our campus. I am sooo glad that we did this, because I’ve been itching to use my camera again, and we found some absolutely gorgeous spots!

Since I’ve started taking photos, it has become easier for me to find beauty in the most random things. I’m constantly searching for pretty locations and cool objects, even when I’m not realizing I’m doing so. When I was biking to class, I found this gorgeous bush full of these colorful orange berries, right in front of this office building. That was the first place we went.



Clearly, I’m not very comfortable in front of the camera just yet. I kept hiding my face!

Afterwards, we walked over to the Power Plant by the stadium. I seriously LOVE how you can find pretty places anywhere. Here are some iPhone snaps of the location:




Anyways, I got some gorgeous pictures of Jamie over here as well. I can’t wait until the vines everywhere start turning red and orange. I have an engagement session coming up on Sunday, and I am SO ready to utilize these fall colors!





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  • Beautiful Pictures, Gemma. A few other areas on campus that you might enjoy….the little grove east of the College of Music’s Practice Building. It’s beautiful little grove (you’ll see a historic sign marking it) that is full of flowers in the summer. Next, visit the Beal Botanical Gardens, across from music. See http://www.cpp.msu.edu/beal/. Finally visit the annual and perennial gardens on the south side of campus near plant biology building. See http://www.hrt.msu.edu/our_gardens.

    Beautiful pictures!